The first #kanji for today is #待. It’s made of #ぎょうにんべん(彳) and 寺.

ぎょうにんべん(彳) indicates association with “going” and “walking.”

So I’m picturing a boy walking back and forth in a temple (寺), waiting for his girlfriend to come!


Meaning: to wait

Reading: タイ、ま

待機(タイキ)する: to stand by, to be on call
待遇(タイグウ): treatment, reception, service, pay
期待(キタイ): expectation(s), anticipation, hope(s)
招待(ショウタイ): (an) invitation
接待(セッタイ): (corporate) entertainment, a reception
虐待(ギャクタイ): cruel treatment, ill-treatment, abuse


待つ(つ): to wait
待ち時間(ちジカン): waiting time, latency
待ち合わせ(ちあわせ): an arrangement to meet, an appointment


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