This week’s #kanji is 恐, which is listed under its semantic element of #したごころ(心). Its phonetic element is 巩, which is not used in the modern Japanese language. Can you read it and do you know what it means?

meaning: to be afraid, to worry, to scare
reading: キョウ、おそ、こわ*

恐喝(キョウカツ): blackmail, extortion
世界(セカイ)恐慌(キョウコウ): a world depression, a global financial crisis
恐縮(キョウシュク)する: to feel obliged, to deeply appreciate

きょうしゅくですが、ほんを かして いただけませんか。
I’m so sorry to trouble you, but could you lend me the book?

恐怖(キョウフ): fear,fright, dread, horror, a scare
恐怖症(キョウフショウ): a phobia
恐竜(キョウリュウ): a dinosaur

恐(おそ)れる: to fear, to dread; to be apprehensive of, to worry about

しっぱいを おそれたら なにも できない。
If you worried about failing, you’ll never accomplish anything.

恐(おそ)ろしい: terrifying, frightening, scary; amazing, startling

恐ろしい動物(ドウブツ): a fierce animal
恐ろしい事件(ジケン)a horrible incident

<not official but common reading>
恐(こわ)い: terrible, dreadful, horrible. It is more common to write it 怖い.

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