Today’s #kanji is #息, which is listed under the radical of #こころ in my 大修館書店漢和辞典. According to the dictionary, some say it’s a pictograph depicting an exhalation through the nose. Others say it is a compound ideograph between 自 (suggesting “nose”) and 心 (“inside”).

Meaning: breath, breathing, child
Reading: ソク、いき

息女(ソクジョ): n. somebody else’s daughter
安息(アンソク): n. rest, repose
休息(キュウソク): n. a rest, a break
子息(シソク): n. somebody else’s son
利息(リソク): n. interest (on a loan)

息(いき): n. breath, breathing
息(いき)切(ぎ)れ: n. shortness of breath, panting, puffing
息(いき)継(つ)ぎ: n. taking a breath; a breather

difficult readings
息子(むすこ/ソクシ): n. a son
息吹(いぶき): a feeling, a sense, an indication, vitality

  • こころ
  • したごころ

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