This week’s #kanji is #想, which is listed under its semantic element of #したごころ(心). Its phonetic element is 相.

Meaning: to imagine, to think of, etc.
Reading: ソウ、ソ、おも*

想像(ソウゾウ): imagination, (a) supposition
愛想(アイソウ): friendliness, amiability
cf. お愛想(アイ): an action done or words spoken to make a person feel good, an empty compliment; special treatment; [in a restaurant] the bill, the check
回想(カイソウ): retrospection, recollection
感想(カンソウ): feelings, impression(s), thoughts
空想(クウソウ): a fancy, a daydream, (a) fantasy
思想(シソウ): thought, an idea, an ideology
着想(チャクソウ): an idea, a conception
発想(ハッソウ): an idea, a way of thinking

想(おも)う: to think (usually written 思う)
想(おも)い出(で): a memory, a recollection, a reminiscence (usually written 思い出 but 想い出 has a little more nostalgic feel than 思い出)

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