Today’s #kanji is 払, which is listed under its semantic element of #てへん(扌). 払’s original form is 拂 and 弗 is 払’s phonetic element.


Meaning: to clear, to remove, to pay, etc.
Reading: フツ(フッ)、はら

払拭(フッショク)する: vt. to wipe out, to sweep away, to eradicate
払暁(フツギョウ): n. dawn, daybreak
払底(フッテイ): n. shortage, scarcity, want, paucity, dearth

払(はら)う: vt. to clear, to sweep, to remove, to drive away, to pay, etc.

枝(えだ)を払う to prone off a branch
足(あし)を払う to execute a foot sweep
代金(ダイキン)を払う to pay (for …)
犠牲(ギセイ)を払う to sacrifice
注意(チュウイ)を払う to pay attention (to…)

払(はら)い込(こ)み: n. (a) payment
払(はら)い下(さ)げ: n. disposal, (a) sale (of government property)
払(はら)い戻(もど)し: n. (a) refund, (a) withdrawal, (a) reimbursement
現金(ゲンキン)払(ばら)い: n. cash payment, payment in cash
支(シ)払(はら)い: n. payment, defrayment, discharge, a payout

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