Today’s #kanji is 招, which is listed under its semantic element of #てへん(扌). Its phonetic element is 召 and it has the meaning of “to call” or “to invite.”


Meaning: to invite
Reading: ショウ、まね

招宴(ショウエン): n. invitation to a party, a party
招魂(ショウコン): n. invocation of the spirits of the dead
招集(ショウシュウ)する: vt. to call, to summon, to convene, to assemble, to gather
招請(ショウセイ)する: vt. to (call and) invite
招待(ショウタイ)する: vt. to invite, to ask, to extend an invitation (to…)
招致(ショウチ)する: vt. to summon, to send for… to attract

オリンピックを招致する: to host the Olympics

招聘(ショウヘイ)する: vt. to invite. to call on (a person to do…)

招(まね)く: to invite, to have … in; to bring upon, to cause

人(ひと)を招く: to invite a person
災(わざわ)いを招く: to bring calamity upon oneself, to court desaster
ピンチを招く: to put oneself in a difficult situation

招(まね)き猫(ねこ): (a figure of) a beckoning cat

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