Today’s second #kanji is #教. It’s listed under #ぼくづくり(攵) in my kanji dictionary. Its original form is 敎 and 教 used to be its informal variant. 攵 means “to whip”, so 教’s original meaning was to make people/animals learn by whipping them…

Meaning: to teach, to tell

Reading: キョウ、おし、おそ

教員(キョウイン): a teacher, an instructor, the teaching staff
教師(キョウシ): (as an occupation) a teacher, the teaching profession
教育(キョウイク): education, schooling, insruction, training, upbringing
教会(キョウカイ): a (Christian) church
教室(キョウシツ): a classroom
宗教(シュウキョウ): a religion
キリスト教(キョウ): Christianity

文教(ブンキョウ): education

教える(おしえる): to teach, to educate, to give lessons, to tell

教わる(おそわる): to learn, to take lessons, to receive instruction

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