Today’s first #kanji is #文. It looks as if なべぶた(亠) is being used but 文 itself makes a radical. I like its symetrical look in certain fonts…

Meaning: pattern, letter, learning

Reading: ブン、モン、ふみ(ぶみ)、あや*

文化(ブンカ): culture
文学(ブンガク): literature
文書(ブンショ): a document
文法(ブンポウ): grammar
作文(サクブン): composition, writing, an essay

例文(レイブン): an example sentence

文字(モンジ、モジ): a letter, a character

注文(チュウモン): an order, a demand

文月(ひみつき、ふづき): the old name for July

恋文(こいぶみ): a love letter

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