Today’s first #kanji is #昼. It’s made of 尺 + 日 + 一.

尺(シャク) means a scale or it is a unit for length (1尺 = 30.3 cm) and from here it means “short.”

日 (ひ、ニチ) means a day or the sun.

一(イチ) is No. 1.

I can’t explain why combining these 3 parts makes “daytime” but it’s easier to remember that way, isn’t it?

Meaning: daytime

Reading: チュウ、ひる

昼食(チュウショク): lunch
昼夜(チュウヤ): day and night
白昼(ハクチュウ): broad daylight, the daytime
昼間(チュウカン): the daytime, day


昼(ひる): daytime
昼ご飯(ひるごハン): lunch
昼休み(ひるやすみ): a lunch break, a lunch hour
昼寝(ひるね): sleeping during the day, a (midday) nap
真昼(まる): broad daylight, midday, high noon
昼間(ひるま): day, daytime


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