Today’s second #kanji is #時, which is made of #ひへん/#にちへん(日) and 寺. 寺 serves as its sound indicator.

Meaning: time, seasons, hour, chance

Reading: ジ、とき(どき)

時間(カン): time, an hour, the time, duration, a school period
時刻(コク): time
時代(ダイ): a period, an epoch, an era; the present
一時(イチ): one o’clock; temporarily; once, formerly; the same time
当時(トウ): at that time, in those days, then
臨時(リン): extra-ordinariness, temporariness


時々(ときどき): sometimes, occasionally
今時(いまどき): these days, these modern times; at this time of day/night, at a time like this
一時(イッとき): a two-hour period; a short time; a period

一時(ひととき): a time, a while, a moment

<compound words>
時計(とけい): a timepiece, a clock, a watch, a chronometer

時雨(しぐれ): a late-autumn or early-winter rain, a (light) shower

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