Today’s first #kanji is #木, which makes its onw radical. 木 is a pictograph, depicting a standing tree.

Meaning: a tree, wood

Reading: ボク(ボッ)、モク(モッ)、き(ぎ)、こ

木刀(ボクトウ): a wooden sword
名木(メイボク): an old tree of historical interest, fine incense wood, precious wood


木曜日(モクヨウび): Thursday
木製(モクセイ)(の): woodlen, made of wood
木工(モッコウ)のクラス: woodworking class
材木(ザイモク): timber, lumber, wood


木()に登(のぼ)る: to climb up a tree
焚(た)き木(): firewood, wood for fuel (薪 is another way of writing たきぎ)

木()の葉(は): a leaf (of a tree), (tree) foliage
木立(だ)ち: a clump of trees, a grove
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