Today’s #kanji is 束, which is a compound ideograph made of 木 and 口. In this 口 is for bundling rather than a mouth apparently.


Meaning: a bundle, to bind
Reading: ソク(ゾク)、たば

束縛(ソクバク)する: vt. to restrain, to restrict, to bind
結束(ケッソク)する: vi. to tie up, to bind together, to unite, to rally together
拘束(コウソク)する: vt. to restrict, to restrain, to detain
収束(シュウソク)する: vi. to come together, to be resolved, to converge
装束(ショウゾク): n. costume, dress, attire
約束(ヤクソク): n. a promise, an engagement, an appointment, an agreement

束(たば): n. a bundle, a bunch; a counter for bundles and bunches
束(たば)ねる: vt. to bundle, to tie up in a bundle
一束(ひとたば): one bundle
札束(さつたば): n. a roll of notes, a bundle of bills

  • くち
  • くちへん

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