Today’s second #kanji is #歩. 歩 is made of 止 (to stop) and 少 (a little, a few), Some people write the middle vertical stroke all the way down, but, as I said before, it is made of the top half and the bottom half.

Meaning: to walk

Reading: ホ(ポ)、ブ、フ、ある、あゆ

歩(ホ): a step, a pace
歩道(ドウ): a footpath, a walkway, a pavement
歩行(コウ): a walk, walking
一歩(イッ): a step, one step
散歩(サン): a stroll, a walk
進歩(シン): progress, advance, improvement

五十歩百歩(ゴジュッヒャッ): There is little difference between the two. A miss is as good as a mile.

歩合(あい): rate, ratio, percentage

歩(ブ): a bu (a unit for area, = 3.3058 m2)
歩(フ): a pawn
歩く(あるく): to walk, to go on foot
歩む(あゆむ): to walk, to step

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