Today’s first #kanji is #火, which makes its own radical. When 火 is used as a へん (the left side of a kanji), it’s called ひへん and if it is used as an あし (the bottom part of a kanji), it changes its form to 灬 and it’s called れんが or れっか. 火 is a pictograph depicting “a fire” or “a volcano.”

Meaning: fire

Reading: カ、ひ(び)、ほ

火山(ザン): a volcano
火曜日(ヨウビ): Tuesday
火事(ジ): a fire
出火(シュッ): an outbreak of fire
失火(シッ): an accidental fire, a fire caused by negligence


火(ひ)をたく: to make/build/burn a fire (to get warm), to stoke
火(ひ)をともす: to burn (a candle/lamp to obtain light)
花火(はな): firework
下火(した)になる: to burn less fiercely, to die down, to wane

火影(かげ): a (flicker of) light

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