Today’s first #kanji is #理. Its radical is #おうへん/#たまへん(王)and its pronunciation indicator is #里 for リ. Its kun-yomi (originally Japanese reading) can be おさ(める)、ことわり、すじ, but these are not listed for daily use.

Meaning: logic

Reading: リ

理科(リカ): science (a school subject)
理解(リカイ): understanding
理想(リソウ): an ideal
理由(リユウ): a reason
管理(カンリ): administration, management, control
義理(ギリ): obligation, kinship through marriage
心理(シンリ): a state of mind, a mental state, psychology, mentality
整理(セイリ)する: to (re)arrange, to put ~ in order, to sort out
無理(ムリ)(な): unreasonable, unjustifiable, unnatural

料理(リョウリ): cooking, cuisine

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