Meaning: a male

Reading: ダン、ナン、おとこ(おのこ)

男女(ダンジョ): man and woman; male and female
男児(ダンジ): a boy, a male child
男子(ダンシ): a man, a male
男性(ダンセイ): a man, the male sex


老若男女(ロウニャクナンニョ): men and women of all ages
長男(チョウナン): the eldest son
次男(ジナン): the second son
下男(ゲナン): a male servant

男(おとこ or おのこ): a man, a male
男前(おとこまえ): a good-looking man

作男(サクおとこ): a farmhand, a farm labourer

Place name
男鹿(オガ): a placein Akita Prefecture

#男 is made of 田 (rice field) and 力 (power, strength). Men needs strength to work in the rice field, I guess.
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