Today’s second #kanji is #知. It’s made of #やへん(矢)and #口(くち).

矢 usually means an arrow but it apparently also means “to line up” or “to arrange”, so I guess we can interpret 知 to mean “knowledge” lined up to be expressed from the mouth (口).

Meaning: knowledge

Reading: チ(ジ)、し

知恵(エ): wisdom, wits, intelligence
知識(シキ): knowledge, know-how, information
知事(ジ): a (prefectrural) governor
才知(サイ): wits, intelligence
英知(エイ): wisdom, intelligence
通知(ツウ): a notice, a notification


知る(る): to get to know, to become aware of
知り合い(りあい): an acquaintance
物知り(ものり): a knowledgeable person, a person who knows something about everything
お知らせ(おらせ): an announcement, a station break


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