Today’s second #kanji is #科.

#のぎへん(禾) which has something to do with “harvest”  is used with “a dipper”  斗(ト). Does that mean people used a dipper to sort their harvest when this kanji was formed?

I have listed 2 kun-yomi (originally Japanese reading) for this kanji but they are not listed for daily use, so even if you didn’t know them, don’t worry.

Meaning: a course, a department

Reading: カ、しな*、とが*

科学(ガク): science
科目(モク): a subject, a course of study, an item
学科(ガッ): a subject of study, a course of study
教科(キョウ): a subject, a course of study, a curriculum
理科(リ): science (as a school subject)
内科(ナイ): a department of internal medicine
内科医(ナイイ): a physician
外科(ゲ): a department of surgery, surgery


<difficult reading>
科(しな)を作(つく)る: to flirt, to act flirtatiously

科(とが)のない: innocent

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