meaning: sky, empty
reading: クウ、そら(ぞら)、あ、から

空港(クウコウ): an airport
空気(クウキ): air
架空(カクウ): overhead, aerial; fanciful, imaginary
航空(コウクウ): aviation
空(クウ): the air, space, the void


空(そら): the sky, the weather
空耳(そらみみ): mishearing, imagination

青空(あおぞら): a blue sky

空き瓶(きビン): an empty bottle
空ける(ける): to empty, to make room


空(から): being empty, a state of emptiness
空騒ぎ(からさわぎ): a big fuss about nothing, a storm in a teacup

#空 is made of 穴 and 工. 穴 is “a hole” and 工 apparently had a meaning of “breaking through” although 工 in the modern Japanese language does not have that meaning.

空 is listed under the radical of #あなかんむり(穴).

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