mearning: a flower

reading: カ、はな(ばな)

花壇(ダン): a flower bed
花瓶(ビン): a vase
花鳥風月(チョウフウゲツ): the beauties of nature
花粉症(フンショウ): hay fever (花粉=pollen)
開花(カイ): flowering, blooming
造花(ゾウ): an artificial flower
落花生(ラッセイ): a peanut


花(はな): flower
花園(はなぞの): a flower garden, also the name of a suburb in Kyoto and a famous rugby stadium in Osaka.

生け花(いけばな): ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement
#花 is made of #くさかんむり(艹), which shows a connection with plants and 化, which means “to alchemize.” 花 definitely transforms a plant!
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