Today’s #kanji is 葉, which is listed under its semantic element of #くさかんむり(艹). Its phonetic element is 枼.

Meaning: a leaf
Reading: ヨウ、は(ぱ、ば)

葉酸(ヨウサン): folic acid
葉緑素(ヨウリョクソ): chlorophyll
一葉(イチヨウ): a (single) leaf. 葉 is also a counter for photographs, although 枚 is more commonly used these days.
紅葉(コウヨウ): the coloured leaves of autumn, autumn leaves
紅葉(もみじ*): a maple; venison

葉(は): a leaf, foliage, leafage
葉書(がき)/葉(は)書(が)き: a postcard
青葉(あお): green leaves, greenery
言葉(こと): (a) language; a word, a term; an announcement; an expression
双葉(ふた): a seed leaf (of a bifoliate plant)
若葉(わか): young leaves, new leaves

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