Today’s #kanji is #適, which is listed under the semantic element of #しんにょう(辶), which represents an association with roads. Its phonetic element is 啇 which means to go. So 適’s original meaning was to walk along a road. Can you tell the meaning of these examples though?

Meaning: to match, appropriate
Reading: テキ

適応(テキオウ)する: [vi] to adapt (to…), to adjust (to…)
適合(テキゴウ)する: [vi] to be in conformity with… . to conform to, to suit, to fit
適切(テキセツ): [なadj] appropriate, suitable, adequate
適正(テキセイ): [なadj] proper, appropriate, just, fair
適切(テキセツ): [なadj] appropriate, suitable, relevant
適当(テキトウ): [なadj] suitable, proper, appropriate, good (for…)
適任(テキニン): [なadj/noun] suitable (for…), suited (to/for…), perfect (for…)
適用(テキヨウ)する: [vt] to apply (a rule to a case)
快適(カイテキ): [なadj] comfortable, pleasant, delightful
好適(コウテキ): [なadj/noun] suitable, good, (well-)suited

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