Today’s first #kanji is #電, which has #あめかんむり(雨). The bottom part 甩 is apparently a pictograph for “lightning.”

Meaning: electricity, lightning

Reading: デン

電気(デンキ): electricity; an electric light
電話(デンワ): a telephone; a phone call
電車(デンシャ): an electrical train, a train
電池(デンチ): a (cell) battery, a cell
電源(デンゲン): a power source, a source of electricity
電流(デンリュウ): an electric current, a flow of electricity
電圧(デンアツ): voltage
充電(ジュウデン)する: to charge (with electricity)
充電器(ジュウデンキ): a (battery) charger
充電式(ジュウデンシキ)の: rechargeable
感電(カンデン): an electric shock
漏電(ロウデン): a short circuit, a leak(age) of electricity

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