Today’s #Kanji is 非, which is a logogram indicating 2 wings of a bird working against each other. 非 makes its own radical.

Meaning: not, to be against, bad, etc.
Reading: ヒ(ピ)、あら*

非(ヒ): a mistake, an error, a fault, injustice, disadvantage
非(ヒ)- is a prefix equivalent to non-, un-, and anti-, in English.
非課税(カゼイ): tax exemption
非行(コウ): misconduct, misbehaviour, a bad deed
非公式(コウシキ)の/な: informal, unofficial, private
非業(ゴウ)の死(シ): unnatural death, a violent death
非常(ジョウ)に: very, extremely, extraordinarily
非難(ナン)する: to criticize, to blame, to reproach
是非(ゼ): right or wrong, pros and cons; by all means, without fail
前非(ゼン): a past sin, a past error
理非(リ): the rights and wrongs, the relative merits

非(あら)ず: not

さに非ず: Not so.

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