Today’s first #kanji is #駅. This character is currently written with #うまへん(馬) and 尺 but its つくり (the right side) used to be 睪 whose reading is エキ. 驛’s original meaning was “horses provided at each relay station for travellers.”

Meaning: a station

Reading: エキ

駅(エキ): a railway station
駅長(エキチョウ): a stationmaster
駅前(エキまえ): in front of the station
駅舎(エキシャ): a station building
駅伝(エキデン)(競争(キョウソウ)): a long-distance relay (running) race, ekiden
停車駅(テイシャエキ): the stations where the train stops
始発駅(シハツエキ): the station a train starts from, the first station (on a line)
終着駅(シュウチャクエキ): a terminal station, a last stop
乗換駅(のりかえエキ): a junction, a station for changing trains, a transfer station
通過駅(ツウカエキ): a skipped station, a bypassed station


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