Today’s #kanji is #髪, which is made of its semantic element of #かみがしら(髟) and phonetic element of 犮.

When I was a child, there was a commercial film of a hair tonic (see below) with an animation saying: はじめてわかるかみなが友達ともだち (When it starts to fall off, we realize our hair has been our friend for a long time). With the animation, I learned how to write this kanji despite the complexity. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that.

Meaning: hair
Reading: ハツ(パツ)、かみ

間一髪(カンイッパツ): adv. narrowly, by a hairbreadth
間一髪のところで、った。I narrowly made it.
散髪(サンパツ): n. a haircut, hairdressing (slightly more colloquial than 理髪 below)
洗髪(センパツ): a shampoo, washing one’s hair
断髪(ダンパツ): the cutting of hair, haircutting, bobbed hair, a bob.
断髪式(ダンパツシキ): a ceremony in which a sumo wrestler’s topknot is cut off at the time of his retirement.
毛髪(モウハツ): n. (a) hair
理髪(リハツ): a haircut, hairdressing (slightly more official than 散髪 above)

髪(かみ)の毛(け): n. a hair, hair
黒髪(くろかみ): black hair

compound reading
白髪(しら): n. (a) gray/white hair

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