Today’s Grammar Point:  ~てもかまわない

かまう means “to care (about..)” or “to have a regard (for…)” and if its negative is used with a てform verb, ~てもかまわない usually means one of the following 2.

  1. It is a bit more formal expression of ~てもいい, “(you) may ~.”  (for giving or asking for a permission)
  2. It is also used to express a rather reluctant acceptance of a situation like “(it) doesn’t matter even if ~” or “(I) don’t care about ~.”


  • [てform verb] もかまわない
  • [てform verb] もかまいません

Examples of the meaning 1

自由じゆうにおりいただいてかまいません。(Today’s caption)
Please use it as you like.

You can come whenever.

Do you mind me taking this?

Is it OK even if I arrive late?

You can stay as long as you like!

Polite ways to say “yes” to a ~かまいませんか question would be

  • はい、どうぞ。
  • ええ、だいじょうぶですよ。
  • はい/ええ、かまいません。etc.

Examples of the meaning 2

It doesn’t matter if I get reprimanded.

I don’t care what others will say.

I don’t care which wins.

I don’t mind getting wet in the rain.

I don’t care what other people think.

Answer to Today’s Question: You can take any copy freely.

For the actual meaning of the sentence, see above.

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