Beckoning Cat Day

It seems Japanese people like to set “xxx Day.” There is a day for almost everything, anything. Apparently today is the Beckoning Cat Day.


A Beckoning Cat is a ceramic cat you often see at a shop front. Usually they have one front paw up and it looks like beckoning you. It is believed that a cat with its right front paw up will bring “money” in and a cat with its left front paw up will bring “people” in. It is rare to see one with both front paws up because they say you will end up throwing both hands up if you get too greedy.


The reason for today being the Beckoning Cat Day is because September is ku-gatsu in Japanese and this “ku” can be part of a verb “kuru (come)” and 2 and 9 for the 29th can be pronounced as “福” which means a good luck, so altogether it sounds like “a day when a good luck will come (to you)”!


Oh, I forgot to write what 福 sounds like. It is "FUKU"!

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