Children – how do you call them in Japanese?

Children – how do you call them in Japanese?

長 = long, head of …, 男 = man, male
However, 長男 doesn’t mean “a long man” though. It means the oldest son (of a/one’s family).

I thought I will list all the words relating to children today.

a child
息子むすこa son
むすめa daughter
長子ちょうしthe oldest child (male or female)
次子/第二子じし/だいにしthe second child (male or female)
長男ちょうなんthe oldest son (doesn’t have to be the oldest child)
長女ちょうじょthe oldest daughter (doesn’t have to be the oldest child)
次男じなんthe second son
次女じじょthe second daughter
三男さんなんthe third son
三女さんじょthe third daughter
末っ子/末子すえっこ/まっし/ばっしthe youngest child
末男まつなんthe youngest son (rarely used)
末女まつじょthe youngest daughter (rarely used)
実子じっしone’s child by blood
よめa daughter-in-law (recently some men in the younger generation call their own wife よめ also instead of 家内かない)
婿むこa son-in-law
継子ままこ/けいしa step child
養子ようしan adopted child

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