Cooking verbs

Last week I talked about “yaku/yakimasu” as a most common cooking verbs. Today, I will introduce other cooking related verbs.

nimasu – cook in broth

さかなを煮(に)ます cook fish (in a broth).

itamemasu – stir fry

やさいを炒(いた)めます stir-fry vegetables

yudemasu – boil (usually you drain water after the content is cooked and use the content only)

パスタを茹(ゆ)でます boil pasta

takimasu – cook rice (sometimes this can be used in lieu of nimasu)

ごはんを炊(た)きます cook rice

agemasu – deep fry

肉(にく)を揚(あ)げます deep-fry meat

mushimasu – steam

やさいを蒸(む)します steam vegetables

あげます and むします

あげます and むします

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