Conversation Partner Programme

Even if you are confident in making yourself understood in Japanese, you may feel you need to practise speaking in Japanese. That is similar to the way professional musicians keep practising their instrument every day. If you are looking for a conversation practice partner, I can be one for you! You can talk to me face-to-face using Skype! We can set different topics every week from everyday matters to current affairs so that you can expand your vocabulary. The important thing is we talk only in Japanese! This programme is offered at AUD 250 per term (10 sessions) which includes:

  • up to 25 minutes (minimum 15 minutes) of conversation in Japanese per session
  • email summery of the conversation (vocab and grammar points, etc.)
  • unlimited email Q&A support for your personal learning*

This is particularly suitable for those who teach Japanese in schools. Sometimes students ask pesky questions to which only native speakers can answer confidently. If you pass those onto me, I will help you answer them.

Confidentiality guaranteed! Nobody else will know that you are enrolled in this programme unless you disclose it yourself!

Sample topics:

  • Yourself
  • Family
  • Hobbies (Gardening, Cooking, Automobile, Electronics, etc)
  • School and Work
  • Current Affairs (Politics, Financial, International Affairs, etc.)

If interested, please book a 15-minutes trial session using the button below. You can have the first session free if you type “TRIAL” as a discount code. Or if you have any question, please email me at EasyJapaneseE@gmail.com

Conversation Partner Programme with Writing Support

Speaking skills are closely associated with writing skills. If you try to write a meaningful passage regularly, not only your writing but speaking skills will improve. If you use my “writing support service” on a casual basis while you are enrolled in this programme, you can receive a 20% off discount for the “writing support service“. However, for those who want to improve the language skills fully, I also offer the combination of the two with the fantastic discounted rate.

If you pay AUD 300, you will get 10 sessions of a weekly conversation practice (up to 25 minutes per session) and you can have up to 4000 ji writing passage checked. You can write 10 short passages (up to 400 ji each) or write one lengthy passage of up to 4000 ji.

If you are interested, please fill in the form above.

*Questions must be related to your own learning at the relevant level. If too many or complicated questions are asked in, explanations will be given during the subsequent face-to-face session.

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