Module 10.2 – After I have a shower, I eat breakfast

てをあらって、サンドイッチをたべます。 I wash my hands and eat a sandwich.

A てform verb and a comma (、) is like the English word “and.” It connects 2 verbs or 2 sentences and means that those 2 actions happened in the chronological order.

In order to emphasise one action happens/happened after the other, we can add から after the てform.

てをあらってから、サンドイッチをたべます。 After I wash my hands, I eat a sandwich.

More Examples

かおをあらってから、がっこうに いきます。
After I wash my face, I go to school.

はを みがいてから、ねます。
I go to bed after I brush my teeth.

I will start again after I have a little rest.

テレビを みてから、しゅくだいをします。
I do my homework after I watch TV.

I held the umbrella up after I got off the bus.

Course: JLPT N5