Module 3.2 – I want some chocolate

Similar to ~ga すきsuki, the way to express what you want uses an adjective, but this time, it’s an iadjective, ほしいhoshii.

  • わたしwatashiwaga ほしいhoshii です desu = I want ~

You place what you want where ~ is. You should remember the following points with ほしいhoshii.

  • As you cannot really tell what other people really wants, ほしいhoshii sentence should always start with わたしwatashiwa (= I). You should not talk about what another person wants using ほしいhoshii.
  • Because the subject should always be わたしwatashiwa, that part is most of the time omitted (i.e. implied, not expressed).
  • If you say “I want ~” in English, it sounds a bit too direct (you would usually soften it by phrasing it to “I’d like ~”). The same here. This Japanese expression is better avoided if you can as it sounds a bit too direct and childish.

Example Sentences

ペットpetto ga ほしいhoshii ですdesu
I want a pet.

おいしいoishii すしsushi ga ほしいhoshii ですdesu
I want some delicious sushi.

あたらしいatarashii ふくhuku ga ほしいhoshii ですdesu
I want some new clothes.

おじいちゃんojiichan no めがねmegane ga ほしいhoshii ですdesu
I want Grandpa’s glasses.


めがねnounspectacles, glasses

Asking what somebody likes/wants

If you want to find out what somebody likes/wants, you can just use the question word なに before the particle が.

なにnaniga すきsukiですdesuka
What do you like?
チョコレートchokoreetoga すきsukiですdesu
I like chocolate.

おとうさんotousanwa なにnaniga きらいkiraiですdesuka
What do you dislike, Father? (talking to your father)
やさいyasaiga きらいkiraiですdesu
I don’t like vegetables.
What doesn’t your father like? (talking about your father)
ちちchichiwa やさいyasaiga きらいkirai ですdesu
My father doesn’t like vegetables.

たんじょうびtanjoubini なにnaniga ほしいhoshiiですdesuka
What would you like for your birthday?
チョコレートchokoreetoga ほしいhoshii ですdesu
I want some chocolate.

Suggested Activities

Following the pattern, write a few sentences about what you want. Try to use as many different words as you can from all the vocab you have learned so far.

Course: JLPT N5