Module 7.2 – Can I have one of these, please?

If you are pointing at an item you can see

  • For things near you: これを [number + counter] ください。
  • For things closer to the other person (like things behind the counter): それを [number + counter] ください。
  • For things far from both you and the shop assistant (like when pointing at a picture high above): あれを [number + counter] ください。

For explanation of これ、それ、あれ, watch this video.

ください means “(please) give me.”

If you can say the name of the item you are buying

[item name]を [number+counter] ください。

ドーナツを みっつ ください。3 doughnuts, please.

100ひゃくえん きってを よんまい ください。4 100-yen stamps, please.

ハムを 200にひゃく グラム ください。200 grams of ham, please.

このリボンを 3メートル ください。3 meters of this ribbon, please.

りんごと みかんを みっつずつ ください。Could I have 3 each of apples and mandarins?

If you are ordering multiple kinds of items.

[item name 1]を [number+counter] と [item name 2]を [number+counter] ください。(if more than 2 kinds, repeat the red part)

If you want to know the price:

いくらですか。How much is it?

xxxは いくらですか。 How much is xxx?

ぜんぶで いくらですか。 How much is it altogether?

ぜんぶ means all, whole, entire and by adding the particle で, it means “altogether” here.


Sometimes we want to purchase several each of a few different kinds of items. ~ずつ is a convenient expression for that.

ずつ implies the same number/amount is applied/chosen at the same time or repeatedly. So it can usually be translated using:

  • [number] each
  • [number] at a time


  1. りんごと みかんを みっつずつ ください。
    Could I have 3 each of apples and mandarins?
  2. ビールとワインを五本ごほんずついました。
    I bought 5 bottles each of beer and wine.
  3. Tシャツをこどもたちに二枚にまいずつあげました。
    I have given children 2 T-shirts each.
  4. 日本語にほんご数学すうがく歴史れきし一時間いちじかんずつ勉強べんきょうします。
    I study Japanese, Mathematics and History for 1 hour each.
  5. みんな千円せんえんずつしました。
    Everyone put out 1000 yen each.
  6. 毎日まいにちこうちゃとコーヒーを二杯にはいずつのみます。
    I drink 2 cups each of tea and coffee every day.
  7. リンゴをひとつずつります。
    You cut apples one by one (=one at a time).
  8. クラスのみんなが一人ひとりずつありがとうといました。
    Everyone in class said thank you one at a time.
  9. 一人ひとりずつシャワーをびます。
    We have a shower one at a time.


  • 文法ぶんぽうほん毎日まいにちすこしずつんでいます。
    I’m reading a grammar book every day a little at a time.


  • It’s rare but some people write it づつ. The pronunciation is the same, nonetheless.
  • Usually a phrase to specify the number is added like an adverb in Japanese, so a phrase of “[number] + [counter] + ずつ” itself does not usually need any particle. Use appropriate particles for other parts of the sentence.


あげるverbto give1
あびるverbto bathe, to shower1
いうverbto say5
きるverbto cut, to chop5
だすverbto put out, to send1
Course: JLPT N5