Survival Japanese with Traveling Tips

This includes all the must-know information as well as all the VERY useful Japanese phrases you can use over and over again!

This guide is made up of following contents:

Unit 1: Before Departure
General Information Money Matters while you are in Japan JR pass or not? Mobile Phones and SIM cards Things to take with you Survival Phrases

Unit 2: At and From the Airport
Going through Immigration Getting to the city Sending Suitcases to your accommodation

Unit 3: At your Accommodation
Japanese Toilets, Baths and Shoes! Words that may be handy to know

Unit 4: In a Restaurant
Before Sitting Down In a Restaurant – Set Phrases & Table Manners In a Restaurant – Common Foods/Drinks Prices in Kanji numbers Useful Expressions in Restaurants and Cafes

Unit 5: In a Shop
Consumption Tax and Duty-Free Purchases
Useful expressions in Shops

Unit 6: Moving Around in Japan
Train, Bus and Car Travel
Useful expressions in Stations
Reserving your seat(s) on JR trains

Unit 7: Visiting Kyoto
an insider’s guide to the ancient capital

Unit 8: Emergency
Emergency Contact Details
In case of an earthquake

Have a lovely trip!
Covered expressions.pdf

Many pages have audio recordings of important phrases you may need to say in each situation and you can download and print out all the Japanese phrases covered in this guide so that you can take it with you but the language components are kept minimal with this course. (If you are interested in learning Japanese at this opportunity, I recommend you do the Travellers’ Japanese course instead of this one.)

As this uses the “Moodle” platform, if you download and install the the “Moodle App” from App Store or Google Play, you can access the guide from your mobile device via the App anywhere you are, any time you like as long as you are connected to the Internet!


This course is currently offered for AUD 9.95 (normally AUD 14.95) and that will allow you to access the contents for 26 weeks from the time your payment is processed.

“How to Get Started with Moodle” is found here.

If you decide to start with “Survival Japanese with Traveling Tips” and decide to learn more phrases with “Travellers’ Japanese” while you are still enrolled in the “Guide,” you will get a 20% discount on the “Travellers’ Course” fee!

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