The English word “thin” is also a tricky word when you want to translate it into Japanese.

When somebody is “thin” as in “skinny”, we say 痩(や)せた or 痩(や)せている as well as 細(ほそ)い.

When a thread or something long is thin, we say 細(ほそ)い.

When a book or something flat is “thin,” we say 薄(うす)い. 薄い can be used for colours being “weak” as  well.

When an alcoholic drink is “thin,” we say 弱(よわ)い, which is not difficult to remember as we can the word “weak” in English, too.

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    8 April 2019 at 9:11 am

    Somebody asked me: "One question if I may. Alcoholic Drink is 弱いbut for tea we usually say 薄い、this is correct?" – Yes, it is correct! Tea and coffee are 濃い/薄い.

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