さむい vs つめたい

さむい vs つめたい

Which one shouldn’t be used in the brackets.
きょうは かぜが ( )。
a. あたたかい b. あつい c. さむい d. つめたい

The answer is c.

c. さむい means “(you feel) cold (in a cold environment.)” If you can pin point what is cold, in this case the wind, you should use つめたい.

Examples of さむい

せなかが さむい
I feel cold on my back. (In this sentence, it’s not the back that is cold. It’s the back that feels the chill of the environment.

ことしの ふゆは さむい
We are having a cold winter this year.

さむい ひは うどんが おいしい。
Udon noodles taste delicious on a cold day.

Examples of つめたい

こおりは つめたい
Ice is cold.

せなかが つめたい
The back (most likely somebody else’s) is cold (to touch).

あの ひとは つめたい めで わたしを みた。
That person looked at me coldly.

ワインを れいぞうこで つめたく ひやす。
(I) chill wine in the refrigerator.

When the temperature is on the higher end, both あたたかい and あつい can be used. あたたかい is when it feels nice and warm and あつい when it’s too hot to be nice (like the air from a hair dryer). The only thing you need to worry about is kanji but I will leave that for some other time.

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