クラクションの おとで めが さめた。
I woke up at the sound of クラクション.
Do you think it was a pleasant wake up call?

クラクション is the transliteration of “Klaxon” which is a trademark for a brand of electromechanical horn or alerting device. Apparently the sound of a klaxon is very different from an ordinary horn sound these days but somehow the word クラクション is the standard Japanese word for a “(car) horn.”

So I wouldn’t imagine waking up with a sound of クラクション will mark a pleasant day.

To beep a horn in Japanese should be クラクションをらす/らします – a bit lengthy, isn’t it? I didn’t learn to drive in Japan, so I’m not sure how driving instructors tell Japanese learner drivers to beep to avoid a dangerous situation. If they say, クラクションをらして, an accident will happen before they finish the sentence, though probably the sound クラ… would be enough for a Japanese driver to know what is needed!?

If you want to blame noisy horn sound for not being able to concentrate, you can say: クラクションがうるさすぎて、集中しゅうちゅうできない。

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