I think it is reasonably easy to figure out ドライバー is katakana transliteration of "driver". And that can mean a driver of a vehicle, machine and/or device.


However, ドライバー(sometimes it’s written as ドライバ) can also mean a "screw driver" although there is a proper Japanese word ねじ回し(ねじまわし) for it. So, if somebody out of the blue asks you for a ドライバー, it is most likely that you are being asked to hand over a screw driver.


BTW, a “Slotted-head” screw driver is often called マイナスドライバー ("-" driver) and a “Philips-head” driver is called プラスドライバー ("+" driver), which I think is an easier way to tell which is which!

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