The word リベンジ seems to have obtained a citizenship in Japanese. I see it used everywhere.

リベンジ is a transliteration of the English word, revenge, but the Japanese リベンジ is not as strong as that in English. It is more like “a reattempt” or “getting even” by winning the next match. Definitely it does not have the meaning of “retaliation.”

  1. 今日(きょう)は疲(つか)れたから明日(あした)リベンジします。
    As I’m tired today, I will try again tomorrow.
  2. 次回(じかい)は必(かなら)ずリベンジします。
    I will surely win next time!
  3. リベンジを誓(ちか)ったが、また負(ま)けてしまった。
    I was determined to win, but I’ve lost again.
  4. 三回目(さんかいめ)の挑戦(ちょうせん)でやっとリベンジを果(は)たした。
    I managed to wipe out the stain of defeats at my 3rd challenge.

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