Today’s Katakana Tuesday and today’s word is レア. It’s a short word and easy to work out the sound. It is usually used in a sentence like レアでお願(ねが)いします but in what occasion will you say that?

It is usually a response to a question:

How would you like your steak done?
If you’d like it “rare”, you say: レアでお願(ねが)いします。
When you write an English word which ends in the “r” sound, it is often written with the katakana or a prolonged sound bar and you can usually work out which one to use from the English spelling.
I have compiled these rules and made up an interactive online “Katakana Learning Modules.” If you are finding it hard to learn Katakana, please check it out here! For a limited time only, this is offered at AUD 5.00 and you can access it on any device connected to the Internet for 6 months.
By the way, if you’d prefer your steak “medium” or “well-done”, the word for that is ミディアム  or ウェルダン respectively. Having said that, please note that most Japanese people will pronounce ウェルダン as ウェルダン with the stress on ウェ while the English word “well-done” has a stress on “done.”

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