Today’s first #kanji is #一. 一 also makes a radical.

Meaning: one, the beginning, the same

Reading: イチ(イッ)、イツ、ひと

一(イチ): one
一台(イチダイ): 台 is the counter for machines and vehicles
一日(イチニチ): one day (long)
万一(マンイチ): (an) emergency, a rare possibility, an unlikely event

一本(イッポン): 本 is the counter for long, slender objects
一寸(イッスン): one sun (寸 is a unit for length, approx. 3.03 cm)

同一(ドウイツ)(の): the same, identical
統一(トウイツ): unification, consolidation, standardization

一つ(ひとつ): つ is the originally Japanese multipurpose counter

<Difficult Reading>
一人(ひとり): one person, alone
一日(ついたち): the first day of a month

一寸(ちょっと): a little, for a moment, rather

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