meaning: ten thousand (10000)

reading: マン、バン、よろず

万年筆(マンネンヒツ): a fountain pen
万病(マンビョウ): all kinds of diseases
一万(イチマン): 10000(ten thousand)

万国共通(バンコクキョウツウ): universal, common to all nations
万歳(バンザイ): banzai, long life, hurray
万感(バンカン): a flood of emotions
万能(バンノウ)(の): almighty, omnipotent, all-purpose
森羅万象(シンラバンショウ): Nature, all things in nature, all nature, the universe, the whole of creation
千万(センバン): exceedingly, extremely, very much, indeed

千万(ちよろず)(の): innumerable, unfathomable
万屋(万事屋)(よろずや): a general store, jack-of-all-trades


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