Today’s #kanji is 両, which is listed under the radical of #一. 両 used to be written as 兩 and it is a pictograph depicting a weighbeam with weights.

Meaning: both, a pair, a counter for carriages
Reading: リョウ

両(リョウ): ryo (old monetary unit in Japan); both, 2
両腕(リョウうで): both arms
両替(リョウがえ): exchange (of money), money changing
両側(リョウがわ): either side, both sides
両親(リョウシン/ふたおや*): (one’s) parents, father and mother
両手(リョウて): both hands, both arms
両方(リョウホウ): both, both sides
両面(リョウメン): both faces, both sides
両立(リョウリツ)する: to be compatible (with…), to coexist
車両(シャリョウ): a vehicle, a car, a carriage

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