Today’s second #kanji is #乗. It’s listed under the radical #の(丿) in my kanji dictionaries.

It’s quite a complicated character, so pay attention to the stroke order below so that you don’t add or miss any stroke.

Meaning: to board

Reading: ジョウ、の

乗車(ジョウシャ)する: to take a train/car/bus, to board a train/bus
乗馬(ジョウバ): horse-riding
乗員(ジョウイン): a crew member, a crew
搭乗(トウジョウ)する: to board a plane/ship


乗る(る): to get on, to mount, to ride
乗り気(りき)(な): eager, enthusiastic, keen
乗り切る(りきる): to ride out, to survive, to get through
乗り換える(りかえる): to change (trains, etc.), to transfer (to another train, etc.)
乗り遅れる(りおくれる): to miss (a train, etc.)
上乗せ(うわせ)する: to add, to top


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