Today’s first #kanji is #二. 二 is also a radical. When you write this character, make sure you write the bottom line longer than the top line.

Meaning: two, another

Reading: ニ、ジ*、ふた

二(ニ): 2 (two)
二世(セイ): second-generation, Junior
二言(ゴン): duplicity, double-dealing, backtracking
二男(ナン): two sons
無二(ム)(の): unparalleled, unique, incomparable
不二(フ): [Buddhism] non-duality


二(ふた)つ: つ is the originally Japanese multi-purpose counter
二心(ふたごころ/ニシン): double-dealing, duplicity, treachery, divided loyalties
    二言三言言う(ふたことみこという): to say a few words


<Difficult Reading>
二人(ふたり): two people
二日(ふつか): the second day of a month; 2 days (long)
不二(フジ)(の): unequaled, unrivaled


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