Today’s first #kanji is #五. It’s listed under the radical of 二. Apparently 五 is the mix of 二 and X, so it has only 4 strokes, not 5. Make sure nothing sticks out from the 二.

Meaning: 5 (five)
Reading: ゴ、いつ

五月(ガツ/さつき): May (the 5th  month of the year)
五体(タイ): the whole body
五山(ザン)の送り火(おくりび): the Kyoto Great Bonfire Festival – a festival in which bonfires spelling out Kanji characters are lit on the sides of five hills around Kyoto to guide the spirits of the dead back to the underworld on the last day of Obon.
五重塔(ジュウのトウ): a five-storied pagoda
三々五々(サンサンゴゴ): by twos and threes, in small groups

五つ(いつつ): 5 xxx (つ is the originally Japanese general counter)
五つ星(いつつぼし): five stars (rating)

<Difficult Reading>
五月雨(さみだれ): the long rains (of early summer)
五十嵐(いがらし): Igarashi (a common surname)
五十鈴(いすず): Isuzu – the name of a river near the Ise Shrine, after which the car manufacturer, Isuzu, was named.

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