Today’s second #kanji is #今, which is listed under #ひとがしら(𠆢), which is a different form of にんべん(亻). Please pay attention to compound readings of some phrases using this kanji (such as 今日).

Meaning: now, current, immediate, this

Reading: コン、キン、いま

今週(コンシュウ): this week
今月(コンゲツ): this month
今後(コンゴ): in the future, from now on
昨今(サッコン): these days, recently, lately

今上(キンジョウ)天皇(テンノウ): the reigning emperor – the current emperor, Emperor Naruhito, will be called 令和(れいわ)天皇(てんのう) after he passes away as his era name is 令和 but while he is reigning, he is called either 今上天皇 or 徳仁(なるひと – his first name)天皇.

今(いま): now, (at) this moment, at present
今(いま)一度(イチド): once more, once again


<Compound words with its own reading>
今日(きょう): today – can be read as コンニチ, which sounds much more formal.
今朝(けさ): this morning – can be read as コンチョウ, which sounds much more formal.
今年(ことし): this year – can be read as コンネン, which sounds much more formal.


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