Today’s #kanji is #他, which is made of its semantic element of #にんべん(亻) and phonetic element of 也, though 他 and 也 don’t share a sound. Apparently 他 and 佗 are the same kanji.

Meaning: other
Reading: タ、ほか*

他国(コク): [noun] another country, a strange land
他人(ニン): [noun] another person, other people; an unrelated person; an outsider
i.g. 赤(あか)の他人(ニン): [noun] a total stranger
他聞(ブン): [noun] publicity, reaching other’s ears
i.g. 他聞(ブン)をはばかる: (for information) to be secret and confidential, to be between you and me; (for a person) to fear publicity
他力(リキ): [noun] help from without, outside help
他力(リキ)本願(ホンガン): (as a metaphor) reliance upon others (for help); (originally) salvation by faith, salvation through the benevolence of Amida Buddha
自他(ジ): [noun] oneself and others;, subject and object
利他(リ): [noun] altruism
その他(タ/ほか*): [noun] the others, the rest (I often read 他 as ほか and so do many others but apparently it is not official.)

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