Today’s #kanji is #件, which is listed under the radical of #にんべん(亻). It is a compound ideograph made of 人 (a person) and 牛 (a cow/bull). As a cow can easily be distinguished from a person, 件 has the meaning of “distinguishing” or “telling apart.”

Meaning: to distinguish, separate items
Reading: ケン、くだり*、くだん*

件数(ケンスウ): n. the number of cases/items
案件(アンケン): n. a matter for discussion; a (court) case
一件(イッケン): n. a case, a matter, an affair, an item (件 can be used as a counter)
事件(ジケン): n. a mater, an incident, an event, a case
条件(ジョウケン):n. a term, a condition; an item, a stipulation
物件(ブッケン): n. a thing, an object, a property
要件(ヨウケン): n. an important matter; a requirement
用件(ヨウケン): n. business, a matter, things to be done
その件(ケン): that matter

件(くだり): n. a passage, a paragraph, a clause

When I read that passage of my father’s letter, tears came to my eyes.

件(くだん)の: (used like a prenoun adjectival) the fore-mentioned; the … in question

件(くだん)の問題(もんだい): the issue in question

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